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    Date: 2011.01.11 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 1

    I think I might have a cohesive blog this time! Ack!! Surely this is one of the seven signs of the Apocalypse!!!!

    1. I hate it when I’m using Stumble Upon and someone has decided to click “I like it!” in the middle of a list or at the end of the list. For those who don’t know–because they are weird–Stumble Upon is an ad-on through Firefox which asks for your browsing preferences¬† and then returns websites based on the given criteria. You can give the program a better idea of what you enjoy by voting “I like it!” or “No more like this” on any given page. If you click “I like it!” on a website or page that was not previously apart of Stumble Upon then you can add it to their wide array for other users to find. Which means that if someone clicks “Stumble!” and they get the page you added, then they will get the page you liked. If this happens to be at the middle or end of a list, then the user has to recognize that and continue on or click their way back to the beginning (usually waiting for each page to load) and then go through the list again, but this time in the proper order. It really irritates me that the submitter can’t just go back to the beginning and like that page so that the recommendation that is being given to others isn’t a long task to fix so that the list can be properly enjoyed. Grr.
    2. Magazine pretentiousness. I find it very hard to take seriously magazines that think you have Martha Stewart’s supply room, her cooking or craft skills, Donald Trump’s bank account, and Paris Hilton’s figure. The most laughable¬† to me is the section that is dedicated to “getting the look for less” and the items it displays is a $250 dress, $75 shoes, $60 bracelet, and a clutch for $100. How about you really help me out and tell me where I can find some comfy pants for under $15? To my knowledge we’re still suffering from a recession out there. Or how about some quick meal ideas that don’t involve me owning every kitchen appliance known to man. A way to make eating Hamburger Helper for the 3rd night in a row because that’s all I can afford a little more appealing–that wouldn’t be too bad. I guess it just all boils down to the fact that I think if you are going to print tips and advice and sell it to the general public, try making them something we can actually use!
    3. “House Hunters International”–usually this show annoys me because people are shopping for their vacation home. Which is all fine and good for them, but I’m poor and saving up for a house that won’t even look as good as the slums of the cities where they are looking. So really this is more of an insecurity about my own bank account and channeling that to bitterness for their good fortune. It’s still not fair though!!!!

    In my closing I won’t slip in a 4th pet peeve so that I can still maintain my motif but inform you of something else that came to mind. For instance I won’t talk about how I hate it when others burn leaves because it makes my throat feel like it’s closing up and I can’t breathe. Nope. I am not doing anything like that!

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