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    Date: 2010.12.14 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    I have at least that many things to tell you although it may turn into more. They make you put your title first and then you write the comment, but for someone who hasn’t figured out her life yet expecting her to know what she is going to say is a little much. So…I might as well get started.

    1. I didn’t post immediately the day of my first post or the day after because I didn’t want to apply that kind of consistency pressure to myself. Which I guess goes to show a good understanding of myself. Much like Wii Fit, this site would become a constant guilt trip and I don’t need the same kind of judgment that I get from a bendy white CG board. The reason I didn’t post any time from the next day until now is because I was visiting someone and ended up being snowed in with no laptop.

    2. I am working on a list of words that I can make from my name and so far have come up with 49. My favorites are: fleck, dare, bard, rare, and breaker. Now for the 50th word…*is thinking*…dealer.

    3. I hate it when women with really fair features wear dark eye makeup. For instance the woman who plays Tess on “27 Dresses.” I feel like I’m trying to figure out what her real eyes look like and as I lean in to figure it out her face is going to change into a soul-sucking monster and I don’t realize what’s happened until *wham!* Too. Late. I’m also tired of these people who look absolutely perfect at every moment of every scene. No one is like that. It’s like the entertainment industry have a collection of marionette dolls to choose from for every show and movie–most of whom are interchangeable.

    Ok that’s it for now. I’ll be a good blogger and stick to my title.

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