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    Date: 2010.12.30 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 1

    Wow! Ok, so I did not intentually go this long without posting again. This was not a lesson in patience or an understanding of myself. It boils down to being lazy, neglectful, and out of the state. Sorry!

    1. I have decided to try out a motif for my blog. I think having a goal of saying 3 things to whomever ends up reading this will ultimately make it easier to come up with ideas for a new entry, compose the blog, and for you to read. I do not want this to become a chore for either of us. :-)
    2. My mattress idea. Mattresses are really supportive of one position: back. If you are a tummy tumbler, then your feet and the fact that you have a face gets in your way–unless you are faceless. If you are, please comment below as to how you are reading this. If you sleep on your side (as I do), you are wishing to amputate an arm so that you can lie comfortably–or maybe pop them on and off like a doll. My idea is to have a piece of the mattress that you can move…well 4 pieces.  A foot from the top and the bottom of the mattress would be the removable sections; 2 at each end. That way you can drop your arm down so you are no longer laying on it, place that face out of the way…and if you’re tall enough, drop those toesies. (I believe that to be the proper spelling.) The only thing is you would have to make special sheets for these mattresses–but that’s not my problem. ;-)
    3. I HATE AOL EMAIL. I suppose I should give it props first for sending and receiving emails. The plus side ends there. Ever since my Dell Inspiron went kaput (keys popped off, parts of the screen broke and now it refuses to close, and the battery is worthless) I have been using a netbook for my computer needs. The main page that you work from is so saturated with unneeded schtuff that the space you are given to read the email is approximately an inch long. To remedy that I got Thunderbird–yes I’m a Firefox-y lady–no big deal. The biggest problem I have with AOL mail is that it notifies me of non-existent messages. I will have a new email and Thunderbird or my phone (or both) will notify me of that. I will then, naturally, check the email and save it or delete it accordingly. Within 10 minutes I will receive another notification that I’ve received a new email and there will be nothing new there! It drives me absolutely insane. Sometimes I will receive 2 or 3 more notifications for non-existent email. It’s nearly to the point of me deleting my account or alerting everyone/business to use a different email.

    Ok word count is nearing 500, so I’ll shut up for now and release you to other distractions or to your planned day–kudos for those who are not procrastinating!

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