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    Date: 2011.01.05 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    It’s amazing how often my brain confuses thinking about writing another post with actually doing it. I hope all my posts don’t include an apology for being distant from the previous one. Maybe next time I will act as if it were on purpose….

    1. If I were to ever become a rock star, I would be the only one whose songs were 100% grammatically correct. This may end up hindering my rise to fame, but at least everyone would be speaking properly while singing my songs. This is not to say that I am 100% grammatically correct–I’m sure you can see several things wrong in all my posts–but I would hire an editor, maybe three, to proofread my songs. It would be great if correct grammar were incorporated into daily life so it wouldn’t be so alien for us to speak appropriately when we have cause to do so.  For instance, the creators of “The Fairly Oddparents” had a great opportunity to teach kids to use  the subjunctive “were” when wishing, but instead nearly all the wishes out of Timmy’s mouth begin with “I wish I was….” Pity.
    2. It doesn’t take a lot (at all) to make me happy. It could be something like finding an ordinary product in a smaller size (e.g. the small and slender Cokes that come in a six pack) or my husband imitating the sound of a moose. One thing that makes me extremely happy whenever I think of it is “onety.” I’m not sure who came up with it–probably a stand-up comedian–but I find it hilarious and start counting which inevitably turns into me laughing like a loon. “eight..nine…onety…onety-one…onety-two…onety-three” :-3
    3. Before we get too far away from Christmas I would like to record the bizarre happenings we had with a certain decoration. In our living room we have a decent sized TV upon which we set nutcrackers while adorning the house in Christmas paraphernalia. One nutcracker in particular would be facing the front, but then mysteriously during the day he would turn 90 degrees and suddenly be facing the kitchen while all the others would remain facing forward. When I first noticed this I thought my husband was messing with me and asked him when he turned the nutcracker. He, however, thought  I was playing a trick on him. We both denied touching the nutcracker and then proceeded to be very freaked out–and the little guy’s painted face didn’t help him in seeming innocent. At least two more times I noticed that he was turned after we had righted him. We’re trying not to believe that it was a ghost or some phenomenon. We’ve explained it away with the fact that the wind from the door opening probably turned it or how the house isn’t sturdy and our walking probably moved it. I don’t think we’re thoroughly convinced and I’m glad the nutcracker is packed away now. OoooooooEeeeeeeOooooo ;-)

    That is all. Thanks!

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