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  • Another Dream

    Date: 2011.06.16 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    As anyone who read the previous update knows I will be participating in a read-a-thon tomorrow, so I am going to post last night’s dream here before the read-a-thon frenzy begins. (Apparently I’m going to make posts throughout the day as part of the event.)

    The husband told me to pick something up for lunch, so I did except the fast food place’s computer system was completely down. The other customers and I then thought it was being robbed as a group of men in navy jumpsuits come storming in, but it was just the men trying to repair the computers. The cashier says that they can only take cash so I leave. I head out to my new red VW Beetle which for some reason was covered in vines for camouflage. I take off trying to figure out how to operate the Bug.

    Suddenly, a huge snow storm hits and I can barely see anything. Also I can’t seem to keep my eyes open. I continue driving for some reason, but partially because whenever I pull over after a few moments the car starts moving again on its own. I keep going hoping I’ll see something familiar or the house, but I don’t and I’m still having problems keeping my eyes open.

    Eventually the snow clears up–all at once–and I’m at a beach with people in swimsuits enjoying the sun. I get out of the car trying to get my new iPhone to work, bring up the GPS, and try to get home. As I’m doing this some locals grab the huge winter coat I had been wearing and my CDs. I take them back from them and get back in the car still waiting on GPS.

    Of course the car starts take off again. Somehow I end up back at the rental house. I look around and see all the stuff we still have to move into our new house. It’s like a junkyard full that still needs tto be moved. I try to remember what the new house is like and wake up.

  • Dreams

    Date: 2011.04.04 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    I am not one for having good dreams. I’m pretty sure that during high school I only had one good dream. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t a nightmare or a dream where you end up being more exhausted and stressed out than you were before you fell asleep like my normal dreams were. Here are my worst, oddest, and most recent dreams.

    1. Worst. I don’t remember much about the beginning or end of this dream, but I remember running away from someone trying to hurt me. Then I come into this room which is completely dark except for a museum-like display case in the middle of the room that is lit. Inside is the dog that I had grown up with and who mysteriously disappeared one weekend while my sister and I were visiting our dad. He was in a snowy environment and standing on three legs while holding up his front right leg. He was missing his paw. The leg that he was holding up had blood coming from it though not flowing as it was frozen. Then a few inches in front of him lay his missing paw, also bloody with a bullet sticking out of it. I had that dream several times when I was younger and it only stopped reoccurring when I had told someone about it. (If you’re wondering, he was a Shetland Sheepdog–which are in fact different from Collies/”Lassie dogs.”)
    2. Oddest. When I was little I dreamt I was on the roof of a building with my aunt (who is actually very close to my age). She had a litter of golden retriever (or yellow lab–I’m no expert) puppies climbing all over her and playing with her. I called out to her to ask if I could play with one and she ignored me. She then stood up and threw a puppy (like a Frisbee) to my sister who had been standing on the ground.  She jumped higher than natural and caught it.They both laughed and continued to do so as I fell to the ground.
    3. Last night’s/this morning’s dream which had me awake at 3:(something) am and I couldn’t sleep again until my husband had gotten up–I think it’s an issue of feeling safer with an active conscious in the house–at 6:40. I was in my grandparents’ old house and was myself, but I was also Rory Gilmore from the “Gilmore Girls.” Logan Huntzberger was there as well trying to use tactics probably seen in every soap opera/psychopath’s dream world to make me bend to his will and also stay with him. He had kidnapped my real-life sister (who incidentally was also Lorelei Gilmore) and was going to harm her if I didn’t play along with his demands and act like we were the perfect couple. Somehow he had caused a major accident and had all it set up to frame me AND he would hurt my sister/Lorelei if everything didn’t go to his liking. (Maybe this is my oddest dream??) For a moment he had left and I tried calling 911, but they were completely unresponsive. Somehow I rescued my sister and at this point she stops being herself and Lorelei because she’s wrapped in blankets recovering while Lorelei and Luke Danes are locking up Logan (after Luke has fought him some and I’ve hit him over the head repeatedly with a pipe). They leave to get the police and while they are gone he breaks free. As he is coming at me with a very evil look on his face I contemplate pouring acid on the floor so he can’t get to me. (Mind you I have no clue where I was going to get the acid.) I decide that won’t work and see that he’s turned into Paris Geller though I still call him (?) Logan–not sure which pronoun I should use here. He (?) walks up to me and I place both hands on the side of his (?) face and then snap his neck. I decide to snap it again, but in the other direction in case it doesn’t take the first time. Then somehow I know that either way won’t have worked and he’ll (?) be rousing any moment. I then wake up.

    As you can tell, I’m probably certifiable and should be enjoying a room with comfy walls any day now. :-)

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