• Forest Born Reread: July 29th

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    Chapter 30

    YES! Enna and Finn! Finally married!

    HA! Enna a Bridezilla?! What!?

    Oh yay! Gilsa is back! I’ve missed her and her no-nonsense attitude!

    Oh, Enna! I had completely forgotten that your family is all gone. What a bittersweet day for you.

    Finn’s love for Enna! My heart bursts!

    With Finn and Enna it’s the second option, Rin. His love for her has always made it easy for him to see her entirely.

    I really don’t believe that you have to live this life of solitude, Rin. I hope you can see that for yourself soon.

    Wow! Dasha! That’s a lot of children!

    HA! I love these siblings!

    There is some beautiful wording here about the vegetation Rin is seeing—but I think something is about to happen so I can’t force myself to focus on it enough.

    Maybe yes Conrad? Poor kid.

    Hmm, I’m worried she’s delving too deep.

    Maybe Tree-Speaking is a lot different than the others and it’s ok that she let go of herself…as long as she comes back!

    She’s finding herself!

    Rin is punch-drunk crazy with tiredness. Just kidding! She’s super happy to finally know herself!

    Rin is going home!

    I do so love these siblings!

    Wow. She’s going to walk all the way home? For someone who has really bad feet I can’t even fathom choosing that over riding a horse.

    Silly, Razo! That’s the nickname that you gave her on page one! Perhaps Hale is making a point that Rin was herself all along and didn’t need to be remade into someone new.

    No Rin is an island.

    Ha! Love Hale’s joke about the twenty-third!

    Such love in this reunion!

    Yes! Go sisters-in-law! Also, doesn’t Ma deserve some of this rest? Hasn’t she given more than her share?

    Wonderful ending to an amazing book!

    The End

    I’m so glad that I reread Forest Girl. I had forgotten a great deal that had happened in the book. I love Shannon Hale’s writing so much. It has some kind of lyrical quality to it that I can’t quite identify. Her words are beautiful, enchanting, and engrossing.

    I really appreciated when she did the daily blog for Goose Girl and Enna Burning. I had so much fun reading each entry. Now, I have a tiny iota of how much time is involved in doing a daily post and can’t believe she was able to do them with all of her other responsibilities. I’m not sure if I’ll do a daily post again next year, but I would like to keep the tradition of spending my July’s with Hale. If I do, next year I think will be Book of a Thousand Days.

    Thanks for reading…..Curtis! ;-)