• Forest Born Reread: July 28th

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    Part Four: The Forest

    Chapter 28

    Wow! Isi gets things sorted and quickly! No way you’d see a ruler in the real world find solutions so quickly.

    What an important roll for Rin! See! You do matter! So much was able to happen thanks to you!

    Woah, Razo! You sure are full of a lot of bravado for someone who had not much more than hiding on his plate! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you said that to the king! Also: YAY GERIC AND FINN!

    I’m just going to be on cloud nine during this whole chapter. I can tell.

    Geric’s love and concern for his family! Heart-eyed emoji abound!

    Razo is so bad.

    “Some folk you have to kill twice. Like me, for instance. It seems–” (page 354). I love Razo. I love Hale and her humor.

    More reunions!!

    Yes! A wedding! It’s about time those two got married!

    Rin deserves to find someone who will love her, but should also it should happen in the right time. I, however, totally get how it can suck to have everyone paired up and be the seventh wheel.

    Poor Rin! I hope she understands that she’s not Selia and she is worthy of love.

    Pity for King Scandlan, but think not of her, sir, for she did not think of you.

    Rin, what do you have cooking in that head of yours?

    I don’t know why, but I can’t help picturing Scandlan as old and having a white beard. Geric is young, however, and he’s king. I may need to reassess my mental picture.

    It’s so strange that People-Speaking still affects the listeners even after the speaker is gone. How true to life though! Harmful words stay with us far longer than we would ever like. Sometimes even past their intention.


    Wow! That dance was intense and seems significant to the king. I hope we learn why.

    Rin is seriously brave!

    …and empathetic! People-Speaking when used correctly is such a gift!

    Ah! His daughter is roughly her age. So he’s late thirties/early forties maybe? Assuming they marry/reproduce relatively young here.

    I’m so excited for this book to keep going, but each sentence brings me closer to the end!

    I really despise people who swindle others.

    Oh wow, Rin’s mother is so intelligent and full of love.

    Another beautiful lesson by Hale. Wish we had more people like her out in the world.

    “A heart’s a heart, in a child or a man. You are tougher than you feel right now. Your roots are deep, your canopy’s spread wide. You’re going to show everyone what it means to be a king.” (page 362)

    How can you be anything other than in love with the written word when you have that presented to you?

    I would love to sit and listen to Rin’s stories.

    Oh my gosh the imagery! “She let his words sprout inside her while the sun dragged the evening down into the west and the world merged with the night” (page 363).

    Chapter 29

    Scandlan needed exactly what Rin gave him–a friend.

    Rin is going to have to learn how to trust herself. She can’t live her life in silence. She’ll wither away into nothing if she tries that!

    Rin, stop it! You are not living in Daire.

    Really, Razo? Rinty-minty-moo? Should go with Rin-again or Rinagade.

    Finally, using your keen observation, eh Razo?

    Oh my gosh I love this sibling pair! He is so bad at being serious and wonderful at being a brother.

    Ok, ok, maybe he’s good at being serious. In short bursts…and only when he has to be.

    What a good brother!

    I think what Rin needs most now is a good talk with Isi. Isi is so sturdy and mindful and caring.

    Oh, Enna! I do so love you!

    Ok, Ok, King Scandlan, you’re growing on me a bit, too.

    Of course, Tusken holds a place in my heart, as well!

    HA! Rin’s horse’s name is Careful! LOVE IT!

    So many warm feelings!

    A little more culture thrown in! How does Hale find the time?

    Everyone loves Tusken so much! He is truly blessed! OH MY GOSH! How cool would it be if there were a book with Tusken as the protagonist! Set years down the road. Sigh. Now I really want it.

    Selia, the long-lasting blight upon the world, what harm and devastation you have caused.

    How could Isi ever think she’s a “blunderer”? See? This goes to show we’re all insecure–even the calmest and most steadfast.

    Yes! Important talk with Isi! Just what the doctor ordered!

    Isi is like the Dumbledore of the sequels.

    I hope we find out what Rin decides to be. She is an amazing character.