• Forest Born Reread: July 27th

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    Chapter 26

    Race to a reunion! Wait! How many days has it been? I hope they’re still there!

    Isi is so smart! There is no way I would remember to be diplomatic as well as a commanding authority at a time like this!

    Why only three horses? My last count was at 5…and a half.

    Relief also means surge of adrenaline is over; now your mind can stop focusing on survival and start paying attention to maintenance. Rin has definitely put her body through the ringer over the last few chapters!

    Now, she’s riding a horse. Yep, that doesn’t make a body more tired at all. For more than a good reason though. Reunion! Reunion! Reunion!

    I love the funny bits! Horses plotting deaths of riders!

    Oh, ok. Good! Only two days has passed. Razo was supposed to get help if he hadn’t heard from her in two days time.

    What? Not more of this Kellish soldier non-sense. Stand down! Your queen is not coming back!

    First, I love that Isi is using People-Speaking sparingly and intelligently. Second–and even more, I LOVE that she is requesting that Rin use her skill. No command, no judgement, and no pressure. Isi is a wonderful queen and friend.

    Rin is brilliant. Her words are so beautiful especially when considering that others used their talents for such malicious ends.

    Ah! I love these friendships!

    Focus on these enamoring words by Hale:”To be more aware of other people, to see through lies and fear and really comprehend a person–that should be a noble gift” (page 334). She hits the nail so squarely on the head here. In our world people who posses that skill the most are those who are acutely aware of the world around them and are highly perceptive. Too often though we demean that quality by calling people “overly sensitive” or “emotional”. In men especially we try to stamp out sensitivity because–for some reason unknown to me–being in tune with the emotional/mental needs of one another is seen as less or unwanted in our definition of a man. Ugh, but we are a stupid people.

    I love Philosophical Isi. Wax on, girl. Wax on.

    I don’t think Rin is quite getting what Isi is saying…yet.

    I wish I knew what Isi’s mom thinks. If she could see her daughter now, would she think she was wrong for sending her away? Would she be filled with pride? Would she welcome her with open arms? What about Tusken and Geric?

    Oh the long awaited reunion!!

    Hugs and humor all around! My heart is happy.

    Oh my heart! I’m not so certain it was Christmas that made the Grinch’s heart grow as much as it was Hale’s writing. I have not seen evidence to the contrary.

    Razo is the best! Actually, all of these characters are the best! This whole scene is great and I can’t stop smiling!

    Aww, Rin is thinking of Dasha (and Enna). Completely different from the girl who didn’t even want to be around Dasha. Now she’s insisting on sharing her time with her brother.

    Oh, Dasha! My heart breaks for you!

    I just wish everyone could be embracing everyone they cared about the most at this moment.

    So very happy and content with this part of the book. Honestly, though, I can’t really remember any actual complaints for any part of the book.

    Aww! Dasha and Razo asleep together!

    Such a sweet and soft end for this chapter.

    Chapter 27

    Crazy how they are all in-sync with each other. I just love these girls so!

    I hadn’t realized how much I had been missing Enna’s wit and short temper—er, I mean passion these last few chapters.

    Woah! This castle has a crypt? How creepy! Is that common for castles?

    Ha! Enna you are a jewel! Kick it in the shins indeed!

    Ok, so Enna’s example of creepy is definitely better than Dasha’s and mine. How could they be that mad?

    WOAH! That is crazy! How horrific!

    I so love these characters.

    AH! I love this scene and the teasing about Enna being bad a killing people and my heart is so full!

    OH MY GOSH, Enna! You are hilarious! I’m so thankful Hale remembered to revisit the Isi being mad thing!

    I love this chapter! Love, love, love it! Rin doesn’t need a man. She can do things in her own time. However, I love Enna and Dasha agreeing!

    Too short for such a wonderful chapter!