• Forest Born Reread: July 26th

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    Chapter 24

    Selia is really excellent at being a villain. Maybe she should try a new skill set instead? No? Fine.

    You can’t just change the condition of terms on a whim. You are not that powerful a queen, Selia.

    Oh, Rin, you are so brave speaking up to Selia. She really understands what is exactly at the heart of Selia. She sees it in herself–though I would say to a much less selfish degree–and therefore can empathize with her.

    Selia really is no more than a little girl who is throwing a tantrum for not getting what she wants. Rin is giving her a chance to blossom into a noble woman who could have a happy life.

    Too bad Selia never could stop at just being content.

    I really, really don’t like Selia.

    Stop threatening to hurt a little boy! Not cool, Selia!

    This whole scene has me all fidgety.

    No, Isi! You must not sign the document! She cannot be trusted!

    Finally, we learn how that evil wench escaped her punishment! I love, love how Isi is playing on Selia’s pride and vanity to confess what happened while she buys more time!

    What? She’s the reason we had sequels to Goose Girl? I guess I can’t wholly hate her then…. Wait, no, she caused so many deaths! The loathing is back on!

    How did Selia travel so much? Did she use her People-Speaking to open all of these doors to her? Did she keep in touch with her mother during all these adventures? ALSO, she came across the fire texts, but didn’t learn how to master that skill herself? Why? Did she think burning beneath a queen? Did she know about how Fire-Speakers become consumed by the ability?

    Ha! I love Isi!

    Oh no! So that’s how it was done and why that soldier had to die. I’m using “had” very loosely here because of course no one has to die unless due to natural causes.

    Selia is so cruel.

    NO! No no no!

    Yes, Rin! Selia is no more than similar to and Isi is!

    I’m so proud of Isi! She is a remarkable character.

    Oh, Isi is so clever! First, with figuring out how to find her son while causing another delay. Second, by freeing her friend! I can’t wait to see what she does next!

    Oh yuck! Cilie is back! The worm.

    Seeing Selia make Cilie squirm is a wonderful gift! Not enough of a punishment, but still a gift to readers!

    Wait! Scissors? What are you going to do with those? Why on mystical earths would you love and trust a queen that also makes you feel so miserable?

    OH my gosh! How can you be that vain? Both of you? Also, how can you be that horrible, Selia? Ok, let’s everyone stop for a moment and go see a therapist.

    Well, no one went to therapy and now we’re back to threatening the life or bodily damage of an innocent child. Meanwhile, Rin is being resourceful. Hopefully, it’ll be of help!

    Oh, Rin is clever! Also, kudos on not calling Selia by her title!

    YES! Something to save the day! Selia–as always–is lying!

    Yes! Yes! My big hope!

    YES YES YES! Oh my gosh what an excellent end to a chapter!

    Chapter 25

    Oh, I am so happy that Isi has been unleashed!

    No! Stupid box! I vow to hate all boxes until the end of this chapter!

    I bet Isi could do Dumbledore proud with her mastery of her skills…intellect…heart…character…. She’s just so great!

    I agree, Rin! Selia SHOULD NOT win!

    Oh wow oh wow oh wow! Rin is about to do something and I am so excited!

    Rin, you are brilliant!

    Yes! Now they’re just cumbersome, matching bracelets!

    Go, go Rin!

    Rin is going all “Matrix” up in here!

    Oh, Rin is so powerful!


    “Ow” (page 322). HAHAHA! Seriously, Selia?

    I love this scene.

    Wow, these people are seriously crazed–but they’re also under Selia’s spell.

    Oh no! She got loose? It’s ok. It’s ok. Trust Hale.

    I love this book. I love this book. I love this book.

    YES! I thought that they might be on their way to help!

    Oh, I am so happy they are all back together again! Well…almost all.

    Isi is in command and not taking one more second of Selia’s crap!

    Uh oh!

    Ha ha–aggressive twitching!

    Oh my!

    Well, I’m very glad none of them had to do it themselves. Very scarring experience as it is!

    Hale, you wonderful person! Thank you for including humor here!

    Enna and Dasha are so smart! I love these characters!

    Yes! A reunion is over due!