• Forest Born Reread: July 25th!

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    Chapter 22

    Quick review: Let’s see….oh yeah! Everything was terrible and wrong and nothing was going right. Ok, let’s get to it!

    Isi you can’t do this to us! No way!

    Hale, were you just crying your eyes out when you wrote this? How can you stand it?

    “How did these things happen? How did living become dagger-sharp and dangerous, and everything so murky and cold, no way home, no light, just wandering and wandering and being locked away and killing and dying and pain?” (page 279)

    I feel like that all the time and it is so easy to feel like this in the world we live in right now. The best way for me to shake out of it is to direct my attention else where. Engaging with friends or stepping away from whatever it is I’m doing for a bit truly helps. Sadly, the Bayern girls can’t do that.

    Oh, please Rin! Please be able to help Isi!

    Wait a minute. That’s right! It hadn’t been that long so she shouldn’t be icy cold.

    Let it work! Please, please, please, Hale, let it work.

    Come on, Enna!

    Oh my gosh, girls! This HAS to work! I can’t stand it!

    YES! Breathe, breathe, breathe!

    Oh thank goodness! I think we can all start breathing again, too! How I loathe Selia.

    So much love! These girls are truly blessed to have one another.

    Chapter 23

    That’s a mighty big hope, Rin. I’m not sure that’ll work. Of course my big hope is that it didn’t happen at all.

    At least being mostly dead didn’t rob her of her humor!

    Oh no! I wondered if that’s what they had done to her! Fire-Speaking is a truly scary gift!

    Thank you, Hale, for being such a master of timing and humor! I really appreciate Enna’s joke after Isi’s description of what happened to her.

    I love this tidbit of an afterlife that Hale includes here. It sounds amazing!

    Oh, these girls are so brilliant! I so love Hale’s characters!

    Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Rin is out! Come on, Rin, you can do this!

    Rin is sooooo smart! Also, it pays to get to know your coworkers. More villains should host meet and mingles amongst their minions.

    I just positively hum with happiness over how smart Rin is. She’s figuring out she can use her People-Speaking without actually talking. I love Rin; she’s so clever!

    Oh my gosh, I’m getting so nervous!

    I know that she’s upset that Tusken isn’t there, but I’m holding out hope that that means my big hope could still be true! So, yay pillow! Also, some maid should be fired. That is not how you make a bed.

    Oh no! Selia knows and Isi is still captured and Rin is about to be in a whole lot of trouble!!