• Forest Born Reread: July 22nd

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    Chapter 21

    Where were we? Oh yeah! Rin’s captured, the others are imprisoned, and Razo has no clue what has happened! Better start reading so Rin et all can find a way out of this pickle!

    Oh no! Selia’s coming!

    Ok, I want to know how she got so many Fire-Speakers in her command. Did she place an ad or something?

    Tricky minx making everyone fawn over her.

    Valiant effort, Rin! Too bad Selia is well-learned in the ways of People-Speaking.

    Ugh! I really can’t stand to be around those false people who assert that it is such an honor to be near them, so don’t do anything to displease them. I’ve had several “friends” like that and I try to keep those types out of my life.

    Selia made no mention of a girl missing when she “welcomed” Isi, Enna, and Dasha into her castle. I wonder if she were truly expecting her or if she sought out information of her after Tusken and Razo went missing. Admittedly, Selia may not want to have remarked on Rin missing because she could have lost some control over her victims.

    Wicked, wicked Selia.

    Oh, Rin, fight her! You can do this!

    No, no, no! Selia is lying! Don’t believe her! (Please let her be lying. Please let Tusken be safe.)

    Nooooo! Razo is ok. Razo is ok. I won’t listen to Selia. I will keep reading because I know that she is wrong. I am willing it to be so.

    Finally, we learn why Selia has caused so much trouble for everyone! She is pure evil.

    Ha! “Once that happens, everyone goes home hale and healthy” (page 266). I googled “hale” and it means: strong and healthy. First, I love that Hale included her last name here in this evil tirade–it’s a bit like Hitchcock making a cameo in his films. Second, proof that Selia isn’t perfect! Redundant much, you sly, manipulative, scheming, horrible, moldy crust of bread?

    Yes, yes, yes! Small act of defiance! No let’s make bigger ones!

    Split second viewing of the real Selia! The toad!

    I will not feel sorry for Dasha because it is not true! Razo is fine. Razo is fine. Must repeat until it appears in print.

    Oh the heart wants to break for them, but Razo is fine.

    Ooooo, but Selia is evil.

    Starting to lose hope, but I’m keeping firm in my mantra. Razo is fine.

    I love Isi for keeping a stiff upper lip and bringing so much love to her friends!

    It would have been too easy for Rin’s attempt to have worked, right?  I wish it had anyway.

    Does Isi know about Rin’s ability? I mean…her other ability? She told her to keep them safe, so maybe she does.

    I genuinely hope Rin isn’t spending her birthday in prison.

    More culture from Hale! That sounds like a wonderful celebration!

    Yes! Nothing like Selia not getting her way to lift my spirits!

    WHAT!!!! NO! This cannot be true! I refuse!