• Forest Born Reread: July 21st

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    Chapter 19

    The first paragraph feels every bit as antsy and itchy as anyone who is waiting for a dreaded moment to hurry up, but never come at the same time. How does Hale do that?

    OH NO!

    Well, their luck was bound to run out eventually. Please, let Razo be ok and for them all to escape successfully.

    Any chance none of the other soldiers heard their comrade and our heroes will go unnoticed?

    Ok, I’m worried about Razo. Perhaps he isn’t injured and he isn’t taking Tusken in case he needs to be free to fight. Moby wrap vouchers for all my favorite characters who promise not to die!

    A little warning before you scare your sister half to death would be nice, Razo!

    I had completely forgotten about the flint she had packed. Rin is so smart to have saved her pack from the burning inn and to have kept it with her this whole time!

    Razo is a gem! Just don’t tell him I said so.

    I appreciate that Razo is taking a death seriously. I don’t understand people who can brush aside the ending of any life as if it were nothing.

    Poor Razo lived through such an intense horror. Sword fighting and death are one thing, but burning people alive–from the inside out–is a whole new breed of terror. It’s actually amazing that Razo not only keeps his wits about him, but shows off his sense of humor, too. War seems like a plague mankind is cursed to experience. However, it isn’t a curse at all. A curse strips power from the affected in any number of ways. The victim has no choice. Humans have a choice. Over and over again we make the same stupid mistake and choose war.

    “…if I made a mistake so big that if I even think about it, it’ll drag me down and suffocate me.” -Razo (page 233)

    Rin knows a little something about that. Razo chose very well in his confidante. (Ahem! There’s no need to curse her. Really!)

    Yay! Finally, someone using People-Speaking for good!

    Ha! I love these siblings! More siblings in more fantasy adventures, please!

    My, these pages make for a happy heart!

    Yes! Squash all the nagging doubt from your brother’s mind, Rin. Such good work with your People-Speaking. The deaths are still horrible, of course, but Razo needn’t suffer for saving his friend and serving his country to the best of his ability.

    Finally, some recognition for Rin! There is nothing better for someone who constantly feels overlooked than to have a bit of praise. To hear even if for just a moment: I see you. I appreciate you. You are worthy.

    Razo! You are not allowed to be injured. Move along, bruises, this kid’s got an adventure to finish!

    I knew Rin was going to have to do the rescue mission! She’s got to prove to herself still that she is capable and has merit. I just don’t Razo to be hurt.

    I hope Isi, Enna, and Dasha–aka the fire sisters (ha ha)–have been ok this whole time. I’m really anxious for the rescue to begin so we know how they’re doing.

    Oh, Rin! YOU are important, too! Stop letting your depression tell you otherwise. (Easier typed than done.)

    Yes! Acknowledging the “problem” is the first step to dealing with it! Go Rin!

    Oh, this is all so heartbreaking and familiar.

    I’m just taking a moment to appreciate this diction:

    “I’m not the smartest boy, I know that. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing–smarts seem like a load of fancy clothes that you have to wear all the time, and they’re heavy and rip easily even though you’re supposed to keep them clean. A hassle, that’s what that is.”–Razo (page 242)

    Razo is so wonderful. Way to go, big brother!

    Ah, here we harken back to what Rin told us before: Razo never asked her to do anything he didn’t believe she could handle. He is going to be such a good parent!

    I fear Rin is going to have to do more than just climb a wall and shout.

    Ha ha! “She wondered if her knowledge of tree-speaking somehow endowed her to be better at sneaking, if it was just a matter of practice, or if she was just so boring no one noticed her” (page 244). Hale is so funny!

    Razo would include kitchens as part of his plan!

    Rin is so brave. I’m so proud of her!

    Chapter 20

    My heart is aching from all the love written on these pages.

    Shouldn’t the pack…perhaps…maybe stay with Razo? He could use the flint for fire; also the bulk and weight might hinder her stealthiness.

    Ahh! I’m all nerves for Rin!

    Her body experienced so much stress that it couldn’t take anymore. Still…unintentionally falling asleep on a rescue mission is less than ideal.

    Yes! Rin! Forgive yourself for what you did and save the girls!

    For once I think Rin is more afraid of the rider than the horse. I think after this adventure she won’t be as scared of them as she was in the beginning.

    Smart move, Rin, with the mud! Reminds me of a certain prince and his men in another favorite book of mine: Ella Enchanted.

    “She’d taken herself so far the castle was out of sight before she realized that she was running away” (page 251). Ha! Got to love those survival instincts.

    I love Rin harnessing her Tree-Speaking!

    Ok. Ok. Rin’s got this. She can do it. Everybody just breathe.

    “…took a deep-as-knees breath…” (page 253) Man, I love Hale’s writing!

    Oh my gosh. She’s in!

    Rin is so brilliant to find laundry and change so she would better blend! I really just want to hug her!

    I bet the wall to the kitchen was made thick so that if the kitchen ever caught fire the flames would be slower to spread. I wonder if Hale learned that in her research or if she came up with that herself.

    No, no, no. Don’t let Rin be caught. Please, please, please.

    Really? Did you have to take the mud away? I mean, how essential is it really that your prisoner’s have clean ears. (Extremely essential, silly. Haven’t you paid attention at all?)

    Nooooo! What a cliff hanger to end this chapter! Rin’s in trouble, the fire sisters are locked up, Razo has no idea what is going on, and we’re expected to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens?

    Well…ok. Only because I am sticking to my schedule!