• Forest Born Reread: July 20th

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    Chapter 16

    Hale is giving us a moment to catch our breath and I really appreciate it!

    Rin is delving so deep into the trees that I’m worried we might lose her forever. In each sequel to Goose Girl Hale has driven home the importance of balance especially when it comes to the girls’ gifts. Another thing to note is that we have only definitively seen Wind-Speaking in women. We’ve seen many with Fire-Speaking, Dasha and her grandfather are known for their Water-Speaking, People-Speaking has presented itself in both sexes, and I’m fairly certain Rin’s father had Tree-Speaking. As far as I can remember only Isi and Enna share Wind-Speaking.

    Finally, we learn what Rin said to Wilem to make him stay with her. She’s been afraid of this memory for so long and now she has to face it to maintain the safety of their hiding spot.

    Interesting how Hale switches tenses here from past to present! (I personally prefer past tense–third person, past tense to be precise.)

    Oh, Rin, just because you can emulate someone that doesn’t mean you know how they feel.

    It’s unfair that the burden of helping with so many children falls on Rin. She deserves a childhood, too. It’s also really unfair on how much of it falls on Rin’s ma. She’s raised seven children; you’d think she’d get a break from mothering for a second.

    No, Rin! Don’t be manipulative and mean!

    My heart is breaking from this moment. Not only is she lying to Wilem, but she is also lying to herself. How sad that both of their first kisses were founded on lies and manipulation.

    This is the least swoony kissing Hale has ever written and it is all because of how false it is. He doesn’t love her–and I highly doubt she loves him. This scene is so sad.

    Amazing how different Rin is once she allows her People-Speaking ability to take over her. She’s cruel, distant, and selfish. She suddenly believes that everyone is malleable and there for her benefit.

    Ma! Yes! Bring Rin back down to earth and help her to see reason!

    I’m so glad she didn’t try to manipulate her mother! I hope that she would have seen right through Rin’s lies and pinned her down to the ground with truth…but I don’t know. People-speaking can be a dangerous gift.

    Finally, Rin’s conscience catches up with her. Instead of working through the guilt and shame, she clothes herself in it and hides away any part of her that could make herself proud.

    I love the imagery of Rin going through her memories through the Tree-Speaking. It’s calm and interesting. Also, it’s a perfect reflection of a tree’s core.

    Rin’s realization is completely horrifying to her, but not to the reader. We’ve had enough experience to know what to look out for in regards to People-Speakers. Now maybe Rin can fight fire with fire! (Figuratively speaking since neither Selia nor she can conjure a flame.)

    Chapter 17

    Ha! Can you imagine being up in a tree with someone sleeping so hard that you decide to poke them while you’re hiding from soldiers below? Not only that, but you decide to play tricks while you wait? Razo is a hoot!

    Ok, ok, Rin. Don’t freak out over your newly-learned ability. Everyone is counting on you!

    Good! Nothing like loved ones to put things into perspective.

    All right! Tusken is some kind of crazy, grade A sleeper. Nothing is waking this kid up! Are we sure Selia didn’t talk him into a coma?

    Oh my goodness my heart is mush at the thought of how good of a father Razo would be–and Dasha as a mother? Oh–oh! Finn and Enna as parents! All of the heart-eyed emoji!

    I would really love to know how Razo plans on rescuing Isi, Enna, and Dasha. In fact I would buy him a moby wrap for that information.

    Ok, I finally decided I needed to know what a “wattle-and-daub” house was and upon very little research I have learned that it’s one made of woven sticks with mud/clay.

    I’m picturing Razo and Rin’s little sanctuary as being a great weeping willow hiding them with a curtain of leaves. I’m also worried that Hale is giving lots of time to shore up our feelings of safety because we are going to need them.

    Rin falling back into her memories through Tree-Speaking shows how much she distrusts herself and what a burden Rin places on herself. Can anyone use People-Speaking for good?

    If the tree truly does nothing but reflect Rin to herself, then she has a great deal of self-thoathing coursing through her.

    Chapter 18

    (I accidentally kept going and didn’t realize what I did until the next day. Hale’s writing really sucks in her readers!)

    Supposing Hale’s book were a parable, page 212 contains one of her lessons. I’m sure there are more to come.

    It’s awful sneaky when people get to the heart of things without even meaning to do so. Rin’s in great hands because Razo is an excellent listener–maybe not as good as Isi, though.

    Aww! Poor Razo wants to be special, too! I love this moment between the siblings! Bears and wolverines indeed!

    Ok, Tusken. Really? You want to sleep through a war of dirt clods, sticks, grass, and pebbles? What kind of kid are you? One that experienced a trauma on the preceding day–obviously!

    I love how Hale writes capable female characters and each of them feel so filled with heart. The words absolutely shine off of the page because they are all golden.

    Aha! A plan! Not the best sounding plan, if you ask me. Sucker! Didn’t even hold out for the moby wrap!

    Yay! A refresher course on Selia! Let’s relive her horribleness!

    Suddenly feeling the loss of Talone! I wonder if he originally had scenes that had to be edited out for the sake of the story. I have always loved how trustworthy, noble, and loyal he is.

    Selia’s contrived punishment has always been abhorrent to me. I sincerely hope that wasn’t inspired by true events!

    Razo resisted against Selia’s orders! A glimmer of hope!

    Careful with what you say, Razo! Generalizing a group of people never did anyone any good.

    Oh, Razo, I love your sense of humor! Some might argue that it is ill-timed, but I know you’re just doing what you can to reassure your sister while you pass the time until you can actually do something.

    How is a raven like a pig? The original riddle!

    Hale’s ladies aren’t feeble damsels in distress! I love how the men they’ve chosen know exactly how strong and smart and brave and capable they are!

    Tusken is finally awake! I hope he doesn’t make the rescue mission more difficult!

    How wonderful that Rin and Razo are making a terrible situation fun for Tusken! Keeping those ACEs down, down, down! Oh! What a smart way to train a small child to stay quite in a time of trouble! I wonder how much parenting advice Hale is providing on these pages.

    Oh my gosh my heart is melting! I can just imagine my nephew hunting mushrooms like this!

    Uh, wrong, Rin! If you are captured or killed, it is a great loss!

    Rin, I am a lot like you. Perfectly able to talk myself into and out of anything…but I do think that you will have to be the one to save your friends.