• Forest Born Reread: July 19th

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    Part Three: The Castle

    Chapter 14

    Hale is perfect with diction! With a few carefully placed words she has her readers conjure an image of an unwelcoming castle and have us draw up our guard.

    “Gods in the wood are good luck. Gods roaming free get involved in people’s lives.” (page 170)

    I can think of at least three ancient civilizations that would agree whole-heartedly with this sentiment.

    My goodness I love Hale’s observation on religion here. I have often felt like the traditional Christian depiction of God is more likely incorrect than we’d like to think. Perhaps what shape or characteristics given to God are just a placeholder so that our minds can grasp the unimaginable.

    Ah! The tension of an impending attack is killing me!

    Isi, Enna, and Dasha make quick work of the attack, but it isn’t enough this time!

    Not Razo and Tusken! Noooooo! (All my comments will be reactionary for the foreseeable future.)

    Did she intend to rhyme at the start of her speech?


    Chapter 15

    I remember being absolutely shocked when I read Forest Born for the first time. We hadn’t heard from her since the first book and suddenly Selia is back–worse than ever.

    Ugh! She is still using that hateful, spiteful title of “Crowned Princess” when Isi is a queen! She is really in control of her People-Speaking abilities! What a low blow!

    What slime! What filth! How dare she threaten to kill an innocent child!

    I would liken Selia’s awfulness to some political people that are making headlines right now, but she is far too cunning to be lumped in with them.

    Snap out of it, Rin!

    My whole body is in rebellion for what Selia is doing. I just can’t even fathom the words right now.

    Just—ugh—I can’t—she’s—GRRR!

    Rin, run! Find help!

    Oh, Selia, you snake!

    AHHHH! Selia a true queen! What a loathsome outcome!

    Selia and Celie! That’s it! I’m never trusting anyone by either name ever again! I knew Celie was trouble.

    UGH! Children are never accessories! I know she’s just tormenting Isi, but I can’t stand it.

    This. Hurts. So. Much. Leave Tusken alone!

    Oh, Rin! Please break her hold and help your friends!

    Come on, Rin!

    Beat it, Rin! You can do this!

    Selia is just like Killgrave from “Jessica Jones”. I’d like to see the two of them try to take on one another.

    Thank you, Hale, for breaking some of the tension by telling us of one of Rin’s pranks. My nerves can’t take much more!

    Just now realizing that Selia isn’t addressing Dasha at all. So, Isi and Enna must be the two girls she had been hunting when she sent men to burn the inn. (Also, she really doesn’t seem to care about foreign affairs! Possibility of war from two kingdoms here!)

    Don’t lose heart yet, Rin!

    Yes, Rin, you’ve got this! Save your brother and the prince!

    My heart, Hale! My heart! First, it’s bursting through my chest from all the tension and now it’s melting.

    Ah, now we see why Hale mentioned how hard a sleeper Tusken is. It really wouldn’t help for him to wake up right now and cry out from unfamiliar surroundings.

    Rin, you are so brave.

    How on earth–or up a tree–could anyone sleep at a time like this?

    Is there a chance that this whole time she just needed to push through the rotten feelings she sensed from the trees? Will Rin’s efforts work? Are the three-in-a-tree safe or will the soldiers find them?

    I hope we’ll find out tomorrow!