• Forest Born Reread: July 14th

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    Chapter 10

    This chapter starts off with a bang! Or…with a blaze! Enna, Dasha, and Isi are extremely handy to have around in case of fire. Something that Hale doesn’t mention in this chapter that she did in the last is the many mice inhabiting the roof. (I am now sorry I pointed that out.)

    Rin proves that she is also handy in fires. Without second guessing herself for once she saves two lives. She brings focus and ability back to a panicked mind. She really, really needs to talk to Isi. Isi has an extremely kind and patient heart; she would take Rin’s trouble and guide her through it.

    I’m just going to take a moment here and really appreciate Rin’s attention to detail. In all the chaos she has enough foresight to stop and collect their belongings.

    Haunting words:

    “That could’ve been my grave right there,” someone said. “I sleep like a tree most nights. Good fortunes, that could’ve been my grave.” (page 115)

    Also, a small insight into the culture Hale created. Many people would call upon a higher power (e.g. God(s), angels, saints, or stars), but this person says “[g]ood fortunes”. S/he could be calling on something akin to the Fates of Greek mythology or it could be superstition. Very interesting choice of diction there.

    After the fire Rin seeks calm and reprieve from the tumult. She ends up noticing a suspicious character. I didn’t understand what Hale wrote at first because I thought she was saying that Rin notices a suspicious man, decides he wasn’t that suspicious after all, and then immediately points him out to her friends. What Hale is actually saying is that Rin decides the calm which seemed to slow down what was going on around her was imagined and Rin redirects her thoughts to the suspicious man.

    If Rin’s friends had had more faith in her, I wonder if they would have gotten caught. This is not the first time that Enna’s determination has gotten her into trouble, but she has an amazing knack for getting right out of trouble, too.

    I love love love the interrogation scene. How amazing and powerful the girls are when they are unimpressed by the man’s spitting. They take away whatever power he’s hoping to achieve and hit him with fact…and then his own spit. I want to be as strong and confident as Hale’s characters.

    The queen of Kel wants them dead. The queen of Kel? “Not ringing a bell” (page 121–hee hee). Well…really she wants two of them dead, but which two?

    I love that Isi asks Rin for her input and then Rin completely misses the plot. Perhaps not completely, but she certainly doesn’t get the question the first time. Hale is excellent at writing charming moments between her characters like this. She really knows how to make people feel like friends. Not just with each other, but with the reader, too.

    Following a rude man’s information the quartet decide to go to Kel, a land of orange soda and people saying, “Uh…no?” Just kidding! It would be kind of cool if Hale had the kingdom partial to some sort of orange-based drink though. Finn is forced to depart from the company and although I love his character dearly, he wasn’t lending much to the story and was feeling a bit wooden in this chapter.

    I love the ease that Enna and Finn show their hearts to each other. To say that they make each other whole isn’t quite right. In this departure they continue on without one another, but neither is any where close to home without the other.