• Forest Born Reread: July 13th

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    Chapter 9

    The four girls have continued on their journey and come to the burned village of Geldis. I can clearly see Enna being enraged by the ruins and demanding the culprit to step forward.

    Love the throw back to Goose Girl with the hair being covered and eyebrows darkened!

    Rin being overwhelmed by the inn with all the people “eating, drinking, singing, laughing, pushing, shoving, yelling, weeping” (page 102) compounded with Hale’s tweet yesterday makes me wonder if Rin has sensory processing and integration issues.  She also had a hard time adjusting to the bustle of the city back in Chapter 3. It does make sense that the difference of a forest and a city can be quite jarring to anyone. The point to which Rin has difficulty in both the city and the inn, however, makes me wonder if she and I share yet another trait.

    I love the banter between Enna and Dasha. It’s like being amongst sisters or old friends and buoys the heart.

    Ugh! Will there ever be a time in real or imagined history that doesn’t include blind hatred towards others? A certain green puppet said it the best:

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”– Yoda

    This man lays it out very simply: he is afraid of being weak, he’s angry that he’s defenseless against an unknown threat, and he’s turning all of this into a hatred for Tiran people. One man (or woman) feeling this way is just ignorant and sad, but a horde of people sharing this mindset leads to unnecessary warfare.

    The next scene with the two men and a woman is very intense for me. I know the girls can handle themselves, but I can’t and I just go into a panic thinking about it. It’s one of the major reasons why I don’t go anywhere without my husband. Enna, Isi, and Dasha have faced worse, but I feel just like Rin: completely helpless to do anything.

    I love Finn. I really do. I also truly love Hale for giving her readers strong, capable heroines–and Enna for not letting Finn off the hook for treating her like she might need rescuing. Look, there’s a really good reason Hale is one of my all-time favorite authors–several actually!