• Forest Born Reread: July 12th

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    Part Two: The Wood

    Chapter 8

    Rin may be terrified of horses, but I really appreciate how she still remembered to unsaddle and brush Gladden before allowing herself any rest.

    *Humming to self*
    *Casually pointing to the yellow dream snake*

    Rin handling a horse on her own is exactly like how I would do it. Only I’m not sure I could climb a tree and drop down from above.

    Interesting, isn’t it that Rin shakes off her self-pity once she rests against a tree? Have the trees forgiven her? Is she starting to forgive herself?

    I love that Gladden led Rin to the girls instead of turning right around and heading back for the camp. Also, I really love all the pranks Hale supplied the readers while Rin is up in another tree. (How naturally did it come to Hale to write a Squirrel Girl novel after this book? Note: I know nothing about Squirrel Girl–sorry!) Isi catching Rin! Ha!

    I love love the girls just being around each other. I really appreciate this moment in which they can be friends and not worry about battles or politics or murder! I do wish Rin could have seen all of the talents on display, but 1. they aren’t 100% likely to whimsically play with their gifts and 2. it’s a good idea for them not to draw too much attention to themselves.

    I found it interesting that Hale didn’t write the story of the three gifts the same way she wrote it in Goose Girl. Maybe it’s because she didn’t want to have to read the same story in this book’s edits. Maybe she wanted Isi to mold the story to her own experiences. Maybe she reworded it so that readers wouldn’t just skip most of page 95. Whatever the reason, thanks for the extra effort!

    Personally, I like Hale’s story about a girl and her forest better than Rin’s…but Rin is still writing her version.