• Forest Born Reread: July 8th

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    Today’s chapter was pretty short. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to read and write about two chapters today WHICH further helps me sympathize with Shannon Hale because I certainly have less children than her! (Me: 0::Her:4–I think)

    Chapter 6

    Well, remember the warning of a storm that ended in the last chapter? It looks as like it decided we could use the rain.

    Rin is an amazing individual. She is hearing horrible news and still she puts another’s need before her own. I’d say she’s almost meticulously thoughtful, if it didn’t seem so second nature to her. She’s definitely a Hufflepuff.

    How incredibly frustrating to know your loved one was/is in danger, but have no knowledge of current state! Not just for Isi, but for Rin, Enna, and Dasha–seriously what were they thinking allowing all the guys to leave when the girls are way more powerful?

    I love Enna’s ability to think through a crisis. My thoughts completely freeze and go into a white-noise panic. Enna, however, becomes more focused and attacks the situation.

    I worry that having both the queen and king leave the heart of their kingdom could be an unwise decision. It certainly leaves Bayern vulnerable.

    While thinking of how to describe Rin’s realization of what everyone could do I couldn’t shake the beginning of the “Captain Planet” theme song out of my head. “Earth, fire, wind, water, heart!” So first of all that made me think maybe Hale chose trees because they’re more likely to have a language (and some research shows that they do communicate with each other) than the soil who really would just complain about how much everyone stomps on it. Secondly, I thought that she MAY have cut the series too short because where is the girl with the power of “heart”? Perhaps that is People-Speaking and “heart” of man is too easily corruptible? Maybe our “heart” book appears in a girl on a mountain. Am I traveling down a rabbit hole of theories? You bet!