• Forest Born Reread: July 7th

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    With all that is going on right now–all the senseless acts of violence toward one another, the racism, the hate, the loss of decency among people, and the murder–I am extremely grateful to writers. Not only for creating a safe place to explore new ideas, lands, and times, but also to provide us with a means of escaping so that we may recover from real world traumatic events. Thank you.

    Chapter 5

    Enna is back! Oh how I love that spitfire spirit! (Pun intended.) One of the best traits of Enna’s is that she is who she is without fear of what that might mean to someone else. She is energetic and fun and exact. Oh my gosh I love Enna and Finn in love I just can’t stand it! There’s a line from Enna Burning that still pops in my mind from time to time and I’m in awe by the amount of love and yearning that is pressed into it.

    “All I’ve ever wanted was to be near you.” ― Shannon HaleEnna Burning

    My heart melts.

    I wish Enna had had the chance to get Rin to open up; she really needs to talk through her problems.

    My only issue with this chapter is that I do lose track of where Razo and Finn are. I imagined Razo sitting next to Rin, but Isi discovers him on the floor. The last placement of Finn is in the doorway, but at some point he ends up at the edge of a table. I guess it would be over cumbersome to say: now my character is here every 3 sentences, but finding that they had suddenly moved from where I had last put them in my mental picture brings me out of my reading trance.

    I do wish Geric could have been part of this scene. He feels separate from this group of friends and I want him to be included more. I also want to read a game night scene with these characters…and more people to read this series…and a mini series on TV…and a house with a pool. (Just in case anyone is in the mood to grant wishes.) I love the interaction between these beloved characters and Rin can be every bit as funny as Razo! Though I hope she isn’t just mimicking him.

    This chapter is all the heart-eyed emoji you can print! It’s the sun shining down causing things to grow, but then it ends with a warning of a storm.