• Forest Born Reread: July 6th

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    Chapter 4

    We’ve been getting two types of weather lately: a lot of showers on or off or blistering heat, so when Hale wrote that Rin “[...] had the extraordinarily odd experience of spending most of her days under a roof” I was surprised at how much that stuck out to me. First, it must be wonderful not to be driven inside due to the weather, but also how different being in the city must be to her.

    I love Rin learning her way in the castle. I imagined that because she was the see-a-need-fill-a-need sort that she would get some recognition from her peers or maybe a promotion, but Hale had a different reward in mind in the form of chubby cheeks. Though we’ve read that Rin was Ma’s constant helper, this is the first time we see her interact with a small child. She is amazing at it! I’m going to have to remember her no-panic-mimic-me approach to finding lost items whenever I have kids. I also loved how Hale understands childhood so well. No matter what your heritage is or what world you live in making “soup” is a rite of passage.

    Cilie. I do not trust her. I’m not supposed to trust her, but I really don’t trust her. Unlike in some other books I’m pretty sure I’ve got a reliable narrator here. Also, her name has “lie” in it. Coincidence? Maybe. You can tell that she is up to something because she escalates too quickly to violence. Also, what powerful language Rin is using! Telling a predator that you fully see them has been know to dissuade aggressors from attacking. I do wish Rin had spoken with Finn about her concerns, but she doesn’t know him as well as readers of the series do.

    Yay Isi yay!! I always like Isi best in her own book, Goose Girl, because the reader gets the explanation of what Isi’s thinking and what she is going through at that time. Outside of her book she can seem a little too measured, but she was also raised to be that way. Of all the people to model yourself after Isi is a solid choice, however, Rin needs to find herself!