• July Reread of Shannon Hale’s FOREST BORN

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    If you have come across this post through Twitter, you’ll know that Goodreads was driving me crazy so I gave up on doing the reread through it. I will still post my updates here and page numbers on GR. This first post will condense the first three days of my reread.

    Forest Born

    The fourth and final of The Books of Bayern

    First, a little history:

    Shannon Hale started a book club in July of 2013. During that month everyone would read one or two chapters each week day and she would post behind the scenes information corresponding to that day’s designated chapter(s). She started off with the first book (naturally), Goose Girl, and I had the best time submerging into a story that I loved with others who felt the same. Also, I’m big on trivia, so that was perfect for me! In July of 2014 she continued book club with Enna Burning, the second in the series. I was ecstatic of course and I used that time to read with my newly adopted sheltie rescue, Lily. She came from a bad situation and I believe that reading to her, showing her that I was and would continue to be a steady presence in her life helped her trust me. In 2015 Hale’s schedule wouldn’t give her the amount of time she needed to dedicate to posting daily–which is totally understandable considering all she does (and I’m sure she does a lot more than she mentions). I was having so much fun, though so I decided to reread River Secrets on my own. This year is the last book in the series and I can’t wait to once again be enveloped in Hale’s incredible world of Bayern!


    I will be reading one to two chapters a day and post my reactions to each chapter while trying to avoid spoilers. So…here we go!

    Part One: The City

    July 1st/Chapter 1

    What a beautiful and heartbreaking chapter! I’ve always felt connected to Rin because I also have often felt overlooked and unsure of who I’m supposed to be. I wish I had this book when I was younger. The remarkable thing about Hale’s writing here is that it feels steady and quiet just like the setting.

    July 4th/Chapter 2

    Here we get to see Ma in her element: captain of her ship and commanding her crew. She is MOTHER SUPREME.  Though, if she were doing something else she would be ___ SUPREME because that is who she is. I’m not sure I realized it the first time I read, but Rin is struggling with depression. I appreciate the fact that Hale did not say flat out that she was therefore making her more relatable to readers. Sometimes knowing a problem before you get to know a person can act as a roadblock making the problem all people see. I love Dasha! She is so in tune to the needs of others and is an exceptional friend! Also, I never before noticed Hale’s clue in this chapter! Perhaps something runs in this family like it has in another. Poor Rin needs to find her voice!

    July 5th/Chapter 3

    Congratulations, Forest Family, you failed at being supportive instead of selfish! How frustrating that Rin gave so much to her kin and they couldn’t look past themselves to encourage her to find her own path. I’m also disappointed with Ma’s reaction in this chapter. I know the news was shocking, but afterward she tells Rin to make sure she returns as her “sweet-eyed tender girl” and later calls Rin her “baby girl, my peaceful Rin.” To me it felt less like motherly love and more as a way to control Rin and avoid change. MOTHER SUPREME probably would have been better off reminding her daughter that no matter where she goes, what she does, or who she becomes she would always have a home waiting for her. However, not even MS can be perfect all the time. I love that we get to see the city from Rin’s perspective! It harkens back to the time that Isi saw the city for the first time and I did notice that Rin made no mention of bodies hanging from the walls. I was very happy to see that Isi helped change something that bothered her so much within the city. Razo’s tour of the palace seemed short, but I am always greedy for more scenes with Razo. Very glad that Rin’s peers have such different personalities. She does not need to fall into old habits of shadowing others!