• Polkadot Pillow–Not a Tutorial

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    My house is bland. It is so boring. The only character it has is the dog toys and our cat tree. Other than that–and a few pictures–anyone could live here.

    On my slip-covered, comfy couch we had been using old $2.50 standard size pillows as our throw pillows. It was very sad. So I went on a hunt for throw pillows something that would go with what we already have in the living room and stylish. Just as I was giving up hope I found some very soft, very cushy throw pillows in a deep chocolate brown at Pier 1…but when I got home this is how it looked with our couch:

    So bland

    It reminds me of a rock or a bit of land you overlook on your daily walk. It makes me want to slip into a coma.

    So I tried to find other pillows. I couldn’t find any. What I did find was crazy pillows, silky pillows, incredibly loud patterned pillows, ridiculously priced pillows, and really nice pillows that wouldn’t fit. None that I liked. None that felt like me. I decided to make some myself.

    I turned to my favorite craft blog, Make It and Love It, for inspiration. I really liked how her button pillow looked, but I knew that my four legged clan would probably try their best to detach and ingest the buttons. The buttons were nixed. I decided on a blue and green polkadot fabric (it’s cute…I’m 5’1″ so I’m automatically cute…a perfect match). I picked brown for the trim so that it would create a cohesive look.

    I am really, really, really ….really new to making things for my home. Things that would be put on display. Things that some women I admire could whip up before breakfast. I tried using my sewing machine, but I very smartly did some test rows and the stitches had sporadic looping in the back. I spent hours adjusting various dials, reading over the manual, and was completely unable to fix the looping. So I hand stitched it.

    Finished pillow!

    I also left an opening at the bottom to 1. turn it right-side out when I was close to done  and 2. to be able to add or remove stuffing in the future as needed holding it closed with snaps.

    My snaps!

    I know what you’re thinking: “Why didn’t you just sew in a zipper? It would be much easier to stuff and you could put a real pillow in to stuff it.” Well person who I automatically assume is judging me,  didn’t I mention I was new to this? The thought of adding in a zipper and making it look good with the trim was too daunting a task for my little brain. However, perhaps you were just offering a thoughtful suggestion– in that case: thanks, but little brain.

    I used fluff from those cheap pillows.

    I still need to make another for the other side, but at least this time I know I can do it! *crosses fingers*

    Better, right?

    So…what do you think?