• 3 Reasons Why I Refuse to See “Magic Mike”

    Date: 2012.07.06 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags: ,,

    1. Just looking at the IMDb page for the “Parents Guide” makes this movie seem like a major motion porno. This is the very first entry (highlight to read): “A bedroom scene includes a married couple (the man is bare-chested and the wife’s bare breasts are shown) when another man and woman enter the room (they are clothed); the clothed woman lies in bed with the husband, who tells the other man to touch his wife’s breasts, he does so and the two men tell each other they love each other like brothers while the wife strokes the other woman’s outer thigh.
    2. Any woman who has ever complained that Hollywood only uses thin, plastic, over-groomed women in movies which sets a standard for every other woman to also look like that and sees this movie now looks like a hypocrite. How can you say that you support the use of real, diverse forms of beauty and give the makers of this film your money? Although not as common as in women there are men who suffer from eating disorders and even more who have body image issues. In a movie that declares to the world “perfect girls night out movie” it tells men that those body types are the ones that women crave. Just as every girl got upset at how the boys all drooled over Megan Fox leaning over a car’s engine in “Transformers”–how do you think it makes the guys feel to see every gal flocking to the theaters to drool over the male strippers?
    3. It is genuinely no better than going to an actual strip club. That is basically what this movie is offering. The ability to experience a strip club without being inside of one. What’s the difference, really? Worried about someone seeing you leave the club? Well people will see you leave the theater. Worried about sanitary conditions? How clean do you think theater seats actually are? How about moral implications? It’s absolutely the same! Whether you’re lusting after a man on the screen or a dancer in front of you, it is no different.

    I know this comes off preachy–the title of the post should have warned you it would be–but I honestly think we are better than movies like this. Maybe not as a society…at least not yet…but as individuals we are better than this.