• Day of Beauty

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    Any one else think it’s really funny how we have to get really nasty, smelly, or strange looking for beauty? I’ve been feeling pretty down on myself lately because I don’t know what my purpose in life is or Mean Me likes to state I have no purpose in life. So, to cheer myself up I decided to do a day of beauty.

    1. I have an itchy scalp and I have flakes. The more stressed I am the worse it gets. I am not ashamed to admit this, however, because I have found something that really helps–especially if I actually do it (that’s pretty much key). After doing some research through our Googly Overlord I found that Apple Cider Vinegar was what everyone under the “apple cider vinegar” search was recommending. Yes, ACV is extremely smelly and I’ll warn you right now it WILL sting if it gets in your eyes and it is SO nasty when you realize some of it accidentally found its way into your mouth. HOWEVER, if you have an itchy scalp like me–where you’ve found that none of the dozens shampoos and conditioners work–then you should definitely try this. Most people recommend a one part AVC/one part water mixture and using a cup to apply or leave on your head in a wrap to later be washed. I recommend buying a condiment bottle (like those that you often see in red to indicate ketchup or yellow for mustard). I found a clear one at Wal*mart for cheap. I mean, it’s a clear, plastic condiment bottle–it would be crazy for them to charge more than a couple of dollars for that! I usually pick a day in which I know I won’t be going anywhere, because trust me your hair will smell. (The only shampoo/conditioner I know that relatively masks the smell well enough is Moonlight Path by Bath and Body Works, but I honestly don’t know if they sell it anymore.) Before shampooing I apply the AVC to my hair–the tip on the condiment bottle really helps in applying to specific areas and keeping AVC from running all down your face (also keep your head tilted back). Then I put my wet hair up and proceed to another part of my shower. After a few minutes I shampoo and condition like normal.  So yeah, taking care of the hair.

      I use it a lot!

    2. Most DIY home beauty posters talked about doing a mask of some sort. A lot of posters left it up to some ambiguous thing that apparently all real women should have on hand. I am not a real woman…I guess. Others talked about the classic cucumber sunglasses and masks of other ingredients that let’s face it if those ingredients were common in my house, I probably wouldn’t feel so bad about my weight right about now.  So kissing all their foofy–probably works–masks goodbye I went straight to my bathroom counter, picked up my toothpaste, and rubbed that schtuff all over my face. A little too ALL over my face because I got it a little too close to my eyes and the mint in the toothpaste made my eyes tear up something fierce. So if you follow my suit, fair warning. Toothpaste I have used in the past to help reduce the size of blemishes (the ladylike term for zits) over night. Hopefully doing this will reduce a blemish coming on as well as sucking some oil out of my pores.

      This is me...and my glasses...and my Turbie Twist....

    3. I am taking a baby oil,  peppermint tea foot bath. I don’t expect everyone to have a foot bath. In fact I wouldn’t even have one if it hadn’t been for my mom picking up the most generic gifts she could find right before meeting up with The Husband and me to celebrate Christmas. (Also, probably why she had us meet her and her husband near the mall–and was late.) Instead you could just sit on the side of your bath tub. The baby oil really helps soften my feet–plus sitting in a tub of bubbling water doesn’t hurt–and the peppermint tea was a moment of silliness where my mind was trying to make up for not having other foofy ingredients for my day of beauty. Peppermint tea is the only tea I like–and I like it with LOTS of sugar. I make candy cane tea, so there. Although having a helps-keep-your-water-warm element in the foot bath, it does not actually heat it. So my feet are in cold bubbly water. I can deal with this. The added peppermint tea has made this foot bath really funny. The water has turned amber and all the cats have decided that the peppermint smell plus the bubbles is too intriguing to overlook–as well as the box. Another tip: baby oil or any oil really used right after a shower on your legs will make them look silky and solve any ashy leg syndrome you might have.

      Oh, btw, you may end up with a layer of green on your skin. Don't worry it wipes right off.

      Must Get In Box!!!

    My day of beauty has not only helped make me feel a little better about myself, but has also helped me in composing this post. So, yay and I hope something of this has been helpful for you. Also, since I’ve finally posted of pic of my face I guess I should officially say hello. *Official Voice* Hello. (Official voices for some reason are deep by nature and without exclamation points.)