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    Ok I’ve been really excited about this post. It has been a month in the making and I have wanted to post it sooner, but other topics demanded attention first. So what I’m about to show you is hilarious–especially if you do it to your friends and family rather than the famous actors like I’ve chosen. The pictures I did of the husband and myself are GREAT! We were laughing until we cried! But come on..you guys..you know I like being anonymous on here. I think I’ll remain as such until I feel more comfortable with the whole my-ideas-are-out-there-for-everyone-to-read kind of deal.  So I guess I should go ahead and show you what I’m talking about.

    Kinda looks like Will mixed with Uncle Phil

    Kinda looks like Will mixed with Uncle Phil

    I’ll admit that I used the least funny one to show you, just because I like to horde the final surprises. Now to show you how to do it!

    1. Take a picture in which the subject is looking straight forward–and it helps if you can see the front teeth. Now confession: I am not one of those really cool people that have tons of fancy computer software to help unleash their creative endeavors. I used Microsoft Paint. So open two instances of Paint. In the first instance open or paste the picture and  chose the “select” tool. Then make a box around the left side of the face stopping toward the middle–putting the border on the right side between the two front teeth will help determining the middle and symmetry.

      Dotted line flossing :-D

    2. Cut the selected image

      Now with half the calories!

    3. Paste into the second instance of Paint and paste the picture again. Move the second pasted picture off of the top of the first pasted picture.

      Kinda makes you feel like you're Andy Warhol

    4. Then with the second pasted picture still selected go to “Image” at the top of the screen and pick “Flip/Rotate.” Make sure that “Flip horizontal” is selected and hit “ok.”

      Never knew you had so much control over a major star, did ya?

    5. Then bring the flipped image to line up with the original.

      Are You Excited??

    6. And You’re Done!

      I'm sure Katie loves him regardless

    7. For the right side of his face do the same exact thing except flip the first pasting of the picture before pasting the second pasting and you’ll end up with this:

      I don't really think that skinny neck would support that big ol' head

      Now…more more more!

    The beautiful Reece Witherspoon

    Looks like the child of a human and one of the aliens from "Avatar"

    She looks like a combo of Kristie Alley and Alicia Silverstone (really squished together)

    I can feel women swooning just because this picture exists.

    This could be an ad for War Heads

    I think "W" neck shirts will become the latest trend

    The Georgia Peach Julia Roberts

    She's just a girl...watching a boy...run away...using British expletives

    This just makes her look really ditzy.

    Now it’s time for Guess Who This Is!!! (Hover over picture to find out–p.s. you should always hover over pictures I insert in my blog)

    Even without me changing his face, his eyes have always been a little eerie

    A 30-40 year-old Bratz doll?

    I can see both of your favorite colors--at the same time!

    I have no idea what's going on with her eyes there.

    Now go try this out with some of your photos. Friends, family, coworkers, exes…just go crazy with it! :-D