• Pros(e) About The New House

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    You like what I did there with the “e” in parenthesis? Because it is prose about the pros about my house! Yay, a little grammatical/literary humor that either only I get OR I’m the only one who thinks it’s funny. Ok so this post is basically having to be dragged out of me. Which is terrible because it makes me seem unhappy, ungrateful, and unsatisfied with my house. I do really love the  house we bought–I promise! I’m just not the type of person who gushes over something–at least not outwardly–and it’s soooo much easier to  blog about complaints than the good stuff. It’s a sad reality of my world. So now on to the pros about our new house!

    1. Outside: It has a fully fenced in yard for Dog to enjoy. The last house we were in didn’t have a fence AND it didn’t have a back door. So about four times a day we’d walk her from the front of the house to the little stretch of yard we had in back, wait for her to do something and walk her back to the front again. She got very little running around time and drove us nuts with all her indoor barking she did. Now we can just unleash (heh heh) her upon the world when she starts to bark. It also has a total of three trees on the entire property!!!! If you had spent an entire weekend raking leaves (at another house we rented) and then the next two weeks with a throat that had been irritated so much that it tried to close up whenever you ate or drank, you’d be happy about that too. The two trees in the back are a peach tree and an apple tree and one squat Christmas-esk tree in the front. We have snap dragons along the front side of the house which are so fun to make talk. (I am Not crazy! Try it and you’ll see.) We also have buttercups in the back–at least until the husband goes crazy and decides to mow the lawn for the fifth time in the three weeks we’ve lived here–then we have decapitated buttercups in the back.
    2. Inside: We have a beautiful kitchen that isn’t enormous, but it has more than enough storage for us. Also it’s completely open to the living room so I’m not stuck away in a corner cooking AND that means that the husband and I won’t have to shout at each other from one side of the house to the other–we usually shouted that we couldn’t hear what the other was saying. Hmm…basically we’ve needed walkie talkies for the past two oddly arranged houses that we rented and I’m only realizing it now that we no longer need them. (Something like this is pretty much my trademark.) Our master bathroom is beautiful and we have a huge master closet which I’m proud to say contains the shelving that the husband masterfully installed. The living room has a light fixture. Ok, just know that you have no idea how big of a deal that is until you’ve lived in two houses and three apartments that didn’t have this feature. We have huge French doors that lead to the back yard. They are great–they let in tons of light, they made it so much easier to move everything into the house, and they give me a great view of the Dog giving all the other creatures in the world hell for even thinking about going into her yard. I did, however, discover how badly we will need curtains for these doors one night as I was outside and realized that everyone could see everything in the living room perfectly clearly. In fact if it weren’t for the nice thick foliage that lines the back of our fence we would be  “TV” for the  three houses behind us. We’ll have to remedy that before Fall comes.
    3. Area (told with keeping a little anonymity): We now live really close to a big city where loads of events happen all the time, but we live far away enough that we don’t have the city towering over us. We also live in what the locals believe to be a “bad” town, but we’re on the good side of town and so far on the good side that we’re almost in what the locals know is a “great” town, but since it’s technically in the “bad” town it was way cheaper to buy than it would have been in the “great” town. While there isn’t a Super Target or  a mall with everything in it nearby, we are close to a ton of really cool stores (both mainstream and little independently owned stores) and two tiny, completely odd malls (one has the town’s post office and another has Khol’s as an anchor store). One of the best stores I’ve been to is a tiny book shop that specializes in children’s and young adult literature (my favorite!) and has bags that look like the cover of a book. I would normally post a link for it here, but that would be me giving up a little of that aforementioned anonymity. We’re also really close to a huge farmer’s market. We haven’t been to it yet, but we’re anticipating the day that we actually have time to go.

    Geez, that wasn’t too hard. Why did you beg me to hold off on this post? You people are silly.