• New Homeowner: Thoughts

    Date: 2011.04.27 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags: ,,,,,,

    So we finally did it! We bought our very own first house, moved in, and got everything (?) set up–meaning utilities. No. We are not all unpacked and in place right now. And no you cannot come over unless told otherwise by us–and we’re the ones who brought it up, not you. If those last few sentences seem a little harsh, then you can blame it on this awesome blog that I’ve been reading (http://temerity-jane.com–a girl who almost always entombs in her blog exactly what I’m feeling or how I’d react to something, but I never have the guts to say it) or you can know that I’m telling you exactly how I feel about this in a warning matter and pretending I’m joking or acting like you didn’t hear will only get you into passive aggressive trouble with me. So here are some thoughts since becoming a homeowner.

    1. We signed ourselves into a house. They say that we’ll be paying it off for the next 30+ years, but then everyone talks about how in 5 years or 10 years we’ll want to sell it and move on to something else. Maybe that’s a contributing factor for what is wrong with our economy. We take on huge amounts of debt for longer than anyone expects us to use the thing that we’re buying. But yeah…when we have kids we’re going to need something bigger and in better school districts. Which also makes me think about how pathetically easy most of America has it. We have a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. We’re using one bed room as a guest bed, one for us, and one as an office. We Have Too Much Schtuff (read: appropriate curse word to go along with that spelling) To Be Able To Bring In TWO Children Into Our Brand New, Beautiful Home that when we decide to have kids, we will have to leave it behind. That doesn’t seem right, does it? Four people–two ok with sharing a room–in a 3 bedroom house not fitting. The math doesn’t quite add up for me…. What can make me feel really bad is seeing the homeless people on the street or watching “Slumdog Millionaire” and knowing that they would be more than ecstatic to shove 15 people in here no problem, but we can’t handle 4.
    2. I really don’t like my appearance. Thanks to bigger longer mirrors that we have–instead of the itty, bitty and placed high on the wall medicine cabinet mirrors we had in the rental–I am now fully aware of what I look like.  I got to tell you, it is not pretty. It also makes me wonder if my new neighbor had meant she thought I was pregnant when we talked yesterday–which just makes me feel sooo much better.
    3. Cat related thoughts: A. I will never be the cat behaviorist that I think I am. I will spend an extraordinary amount of time watching my cats and marking their behavior before revealing to all the world (i.e. my husband) my theory on what exactly is going on and why Newly-Adopted-Stray Cat has suddenly come out more often…and then they’ll up and CHANGE their behavior on me! How dare they be a living thing with a free will and thus capable of whims and changes in mind. How dare they consistently show me one behavior and then do the opposite the minute I hand in the final draft on my thesis? Ok, perhaps I’m getting carried away. It would just be nice to say 2+2=4 with them and when I show my work to the teacher they don’t insert and asterisk next to each “2″ and I miss the tiny print where it says “for extreme values of 2.” B. Boy Cat is weird. Maybe it’s because he’s the only boy cat–and the only boy pet for that matter–but none-the-less weird. Three times now I’ve caught him nibbling on cable cords and then daring anyone else to come by to see what he’s doing. C (sub 1). I’m going to have to beg for a Roomba soon, because if I don’t I may go crazy from sweeping up all the hair that Dog, Balancing Cat–she helps keep the balance in the house hence the name, Boy Cat and NAS Cat produce on an hourly basis. Yesterday I swept up 8 times and today I spent the entirety of “Knocked Up” and commercials brushing them as a preemptive attack. Guess what? They are still shedding. C (sub2). Which causes me to think, from an evolutionary/progress point of view, aren’t hard wood floors a step backward? I mean people had dirt floors, then they had wood floors, and then the amazing discovery of wall to wall, grab-all-the-dirt-and-hairs-it-can carpet! I do love my new house. It’s wonderful and elegant looking, but I could live without the tumble weeds of pet hair and the constant picking up any little piece of dirt by my feet and then ultimately transferring that to my bed when I go to sleep at night. Don’t suggest that I just wear socks around the house. I am not that kind of person.

    So perhaps this post was a little complainy. Ok, a lot complainy. The next one I promise will detail the great attributes of this new home.  I will, however, make no promises on when it will be posted as the newly set up cable is calling me. ;-)