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    You know…that one that made you think it was a “G” until that fateful day your world came crashing in and you learned it was just an embellishment.  Today for reasons unknown to me I had an urge to have a Disney princess day. Yes I sang along with every song and yes I recited the most classic lines along with the characters. I noticed a few things as well…. (N.B. I do not own the rights to any of these images.)

    1. The leading male characters must not only be in touch with their feminine side enough to burst out into perfect melody, but they must be also be so in tune with their mounts that they share the same emotions.

      You have HOW many jelly beans?

      It's ok I don't have a name either.

      We must be tense and perhaps angry while thinking!

    2. If you aren’t a female lead–and you wear a dress–then you will be stuck in a monochromatic garb that will have little variance from your also not-as-important counterparts. In one case this really isn’t fair because they have more lines and on screen time than the princess ever got.

      Not only that but this makeup makes us look cheap!

      You know...my chin has been rubbed raw from this silly hat!

      We're so interchangeable that in different shots that the artists don't notice they often switch hairstyle/dresses on us.

    3. You can never, no not ever, trust someone in purple. If they seem somewhat trustworthy, tell them you won’t believe them until they go change their clothes.

      Fear my menacing pigtails!!!

      My powers are so strong that I can not only make fabric fly out, but also completely cover my wrist at all times!

      I like to color coordinate with my "friends on the other side"

      On this subject I will not be stopping at three pictures!

      Child labor laws!?!?

      Evil means never having to mess with your hair.

      Her freaking skin is purple!! That's a "Danger Will Robinson" if I ever saw it!!

    The final image I will leave with you is something I found at http://angelfromanotherpin.blogspot.com/2010/01/in-villain-drag.html which is just one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!

    I just wish it had been expanded to include all the girls and their villians.