• For Sale Don’ts #2

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    Well the houses we looked at really didn’t have much selling don’ts going on for me to make a post about them. I did, however, come upon more listings with selling don’ts, so we shall not want for a theme. :-)

    1. My first point is primarily for architects than it is for sellers. Though, if you do intend to sell, then you really should address the issue and not wait around for any of the builders, designers, and inspectors–all who should have addressed this issue–to fess up and fix it. A shower should not ever have a normal-sized window in it. You would be surprised how many houses I have come across that have this Well-hello-Mr. Smith-while-you-are-mowing-your-lawn-could-you-see-if-this-looks-cancerous feature. One could argue that the area wasn’t originally designed to have a shower there. True, but when someone made it into one, don’t you think it should have been considered? When having the job done–hopefully by a professional because I don’t want to think the damage that could have been done by an amateur–one could request the window to be walled up or have the glass replaced by those glass cubes that obscure the view.  I wonder if they just thought, “Selling the house. Not my problem.” It is if it never sells.

      I noticed--while trimming the hedges--that you forgot to wash behind your ears.

      This is much better

    2. I don’t have a long, lovely paragraph for the next two photos, but I do have two words: just no.

      Beware the ghost of the rectangle!!!

      Please don't say you're taking the broken rod with you!!

    3. The following photos make me think that the owners didn’t quite understand what a “hot property” meant, so they went with the smoky look. Nothing like previously-went-through-a-fire make the offers come pouring in–how punny! :-)

      Mixing vertical and horizontal stripes? Bold move, seller, bold move.

      Now with authentic grill flavoring!

    While continuing the search for our  first home, I will keep my eyes open for more offenders. Due to the fact that we want to buy as quickly as possible I probably should feel bad about hoping to find more!